Monday, December 24, 2007

I DID IT!!!! I LOST 100 LBS.!!!

Oh Yeah!!! I lost 100 lbs. officially today, Christmas Eve, one day short of my Christmas goal.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A day of rest....

It started last night with a date to see Sweeney Todd and getting in late helped me to finally sleep in and....

Oh the house is so quiet....Yes, I've been a bum all day and loving it. I've watched Red Dragon, napped, played on E's new cell phone, read email, napped some more, and when I'm done with this post, yes I will nap again until 3PM. E is out and it's just me and Christmas T.V.

I really don't miss K, OK I miss her but I'm enjoying doing nada today but being a bum.

Tonight we have E & my b-day dinners with our parents and his family. That should be nice. I love gazpacho and E's mother is making it for my b-day.

Well, off to my nap. Just had to post for me to see that I've had a day for me (:

Friday, December 21, 2007

Disney Princesses on Ice

The girls had a wonderful time as we enjoyed our first Mother/Daughter night with K and 4 of her friends.

Sure we had the crazy lady behind us who pulled one of the girls down because she was standing and then proceeded to talk through the whole show but the girls had a blast. We took two cars and switched moms at the end of the night.

I was shocked how much Cotton candy was ($10.00) and popcorn ($6.00). The girls shared wonderfully and it was great to see them have a blast.

K loves her pals and I loved seeing her have so much fun, well those Princes on Ice weren't too shabby either and me and another mother enjoyed them as a great part of the show lol.

Well, off to another day...It's hubby's Birthday (:

Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Top Chef

K loves Top Chef I guess this week being home with E. Here's some video he shot of her....

Busy at the Holidays

I really feel as though the month of December always goes right past me. I'm super busy this month that I don't think I have a day to myself.

This is a quality problem. I'm grateful that I'm able to have such a full life as it wasn't always that way. I have been struggling lately with some blue feelings but I went to my support group last night and it was nice to be back there. I also received a message from my sponsor that was just wonderful! I let her know I saved it for when I have rough days.

I know it makes it harder for me that we do Chrismukkah and have 4 birthdays to celebrate in December. It's my hubbies birthday tomorrow and I can't wait to spend the night with him and K because he's so easy going. We know he's buying a hoytie toytie phone tomorrow and we're going to dinner but we may also go ice skating (: I love it when we are able to have real family time. It will seem like the next few days after that are a blur with all we have to do.

Tonight I am going to Disney Princesses on Ice. I'm a mother & a friend to the women I'm going with. I didn't think 10 years ago that I'd have a daughter and be going to a show with her and four of her friends and their mothers. My daughter truly loves me and lately I've not been home much with all going on and so I can't wait for tonight either, even with all the kiddos.

Well, I'm trying to keep up with some type of blog to put what's going on with me. It feels like a diary because I think maybe 1-2 people read these or maybe just me. It doesn't matter. I'm able to write about how busy I am and a couple months from now I can read that when I'm very bored lol.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Yes, it's begun....I have three more lbs to lose before I hit 100 lbs. gone!

I will hit my goal by Christmas like I wanted to at the get go because I want a great dress for New Years!

Yeah Me!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Daily Random Acts of Kindness

Someone once told me that it's so hard to not want to tell someone that you've done a good deed. You want to tell at least one person but then it's not genuine.

I so understand. I'm going through the I want to tell and I can't and it feels good to keep it totally anonymous. I used to do a lot of paying it forward and then stopped. I felt so good yesterday and woke up so positive today that I'm going to start this again but keep it totally anonymous. I want to see if truly getting out of me daily helps. I really believe it will.

So, try something nice for someone daily, don't tell anyone and feel great about yourself. A good one that is smaller but nice is adding money to a parking meter if you see it fading on funds.

Well, I'm off for a fun filled weekend!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


About 100 cookies later I have 70 cookies for K's 3 class party tomorrow. Go me! I even got a work out from it (:

Growing Up

It's getting close to when I say good-bye for now to one of my best friends, maybe my best ever (it's odd how I love our morning calls where I ramble a lot) who has been through so much with me and has put up with me. Though I'm sad I remember the following....

We all grow up. Over time we all get older and settle down. We find our other half, sometimes we marry and even have kids. It's really just a part of life.

Though I am sad, I have to remember that in the future my husband and have thought of moving to Long Island. Another friend of mine wants to move about 2 hours away south and one of my other dear friends (though she's back) moved to Maryland a couple of years ago.

So, my point is that even though we all grow up, and sometimes this does mean we move, well, we can all keep in touch and never lose those friendships that we've gotten over the years. I know this also will help a friendship grow because you have to put a bit more into it since the friend isn't right around the block anymore and it does give an excuse for traveling (:

In closing I know that I will be sad later this month but I also know that she will be starting a new adventure and will be doing new things. For this..I'm extremely happy for her I wish the best to her and her husband in all that they do. I understand this is just a part of life but I've been in this mode where I didn't really see the end of the month coming, not denial, oh I can't explain it. I guess I'm just so used to her being a part of my daily life with calls and all. Anyhow, since it is approaching and they're having a packing party in a couple of weeks I know that it's time and well, that can make ya sad and happy all at once.

I hope this made sense. ~ Until next time ~ moi

Monday, December 10, 2007

Brownies, Plays, Gymnastics, OH MY

I'm one to take on too much at times but I also want the best for my daughter. While she is willing to participate in activities outside of school I feel I should help her out. Yet, it seems this time of year with the holidays approaching (Hanukkah already started) I feel over busy! I so do not see how other mothers juggle school, work, Brownies, School Plays, Gymnastics, and yes, now she wants to do ballet.

It's also that time where I'm grateful to have my husband. Sure he can't be a Brownie Troop Leader (the whole male thing) and he can't take her to Gymnastics or Ballet (I think his patients would be upset if he weren't there) but he can help me put packets together, make phone calls, make copies, etc.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention I'm the room parent with another mom but it seems though she's a stay at home mom that I am the main room parent.

Next year I plan on taking on a lot less. This is NOT a poor Katherine blog post. This is a priorities post. I try and do everything and be everywhere but the point is I'm a mom first for K and I need to be there for her. This week alone is crazy....from a flower in Alice in Wonderland to the class party Friday I'm a busy lady and I have me to take care of. I've been putting of taking care of me so I've set up some me time this week. I've also been taking care of our home and don't want to lose sight of that as well.

So, for those of you reading this who are my "real life" friends I love ya all but it's really time this whole mommy thing is coming into play with my popular seven year old who wants to do everything lol.

Oh yeah, and not to forget my "YOU HAVE TO DO THIS" stuff, I've started carrying lists. I did this last week and it helped so this week should go well too.

Have a great week all and to all of you with kiddos: Enjoy them while they let you enjoy spending time with them (:

P.S. K has earned six stars for her gymnastics class. They sent home a chart and when there is a star in every area she moves onto the next level. Go K!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Seven Random Facts about Moi

So I've been tagged by kerrynotkelly whom I was just able to find out information about from reading her blog. Here we go:

1. I'm a closet nerd. I love to read (when I have time) and listen to classical music.

2. In sixth grade I wrote a letter to the head of Burbank schools and had Styrofoam banned from Burbank schools.

3. I love my feet. I think they are cute.

4. I collect vintage 1940's electronics. I love my stand up radio the most! It's so beautiful especially with vases of dried flowers on it.

5. I love to sleep next to my seven year old daughter. I love watching her sleep and to see how innocent she really is.

6. My husband is four, yes four years younger than me but I heart him!

7. I plan on graduating High School Summer or Fall 2008. I'm a HR Manager and never graduated high school.

It's my turn to tag others now and I choose:

My Memories (Sheila)
Happy Times


I'd love to go to India one day! I keep meeting the most fascinating people from India. The lady Manu who did my facial was from there and she made me want to go even more. Sure, she had no desire to return.

There are so many different cultures within cultures and so many different ways of living...

I was speaking with a friend last night and she too knows some wonderful people from there. We discussed the food from India. I have co-workers from India having me try new dishes lately. Very spicy I do have to admit.

Just thought I'd share another item that has been added to my list of things I want to learn in school...International Studies....I really would love to learn about other countries!

That's my thoughts for now...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Keeping Positive

New week, trying to keep positive (:

I will remember what others think about me is none of my business. Oh, I hope I can follow that!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy

So today has been much better! K is paid up for another 9 weeks of gymnastics, I returned and bought different things, went to a wonderful baby shower, and now waiting for the hubby to return so we can see him for a bit.

However; lol I am about to get ready for a sleepover with yes, 3 seven year old girls all whom have strong personalities. Wish me luck!

Another happy thing is I'm down now 95 lbs.! WooW another 5 to go.

Friday, November 30, 2007


OK, so at work today I found out I offended a woman I work with. This is fine because she explained why to me and I let her know I wouldn't wear my hair a certain way any longer at work. Yes, my hair. I guess the way I wore my hair today represents slavery to her. Well, I explained in my culture women have worn their hair this way as well but I never thought of it as bad. I mean hell Lucy wore her hair this way on I Love Lucy.

I then come to find out that I've been the topic of conversation with other people as well in regards to my hair. I HATE gossip. I ended up writing an email to my boss about it all and spoke with someone after work who said I did the right thing.

I felt so bad all day....I left for lunch and that was nice but I can't believe people have nothing better to do then to discuss my hair and how I wear it. My one co-worker who told me about everyone else told me she called my boss today to say that my hair do today offended people and they were coming to her about it. Seriously, she called my boss. I then called my boss and apologized that I offended people. Why did I apologize? I'm so sick of the gossip at work. As the wise person I talked to reminded me this is one of the many reasons I will be leaving there in April.

I will go to work on Monday, do my job, keep my headphones on, and hope nothing else I do offends people. Ugghhh really people need to grow up. I've included me with my hair done the way I wore it today. I can't believe this actually offended people.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

To slip or Not To slip

So I found out that now that I've lost weight and can wear the cute dresses that I may want a slip to not have static cling going on like I went through yesterday!

I went on a mission yesterday to get a slip and realized I ended up buying not a slip but clothes for E, his father, and a shirt for me.

I think this time of year makes me want to shop more because of all the sales and especially this year with all the weight I've lost. I loved my local mall last night (photo to right) with all the snowflake lights they have up already.

My goal, to buy a slip and not it possible? I hope so for the sake of my future dress wearing.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

To Coexist

OK, so I have this Coexist sticker on my car. This sticker was to help me not be so angry when I drive in So. Cal traffic. However; it is so easy to forget that this sticker is even on my car.

I know to pause, relax, and even turn my radio up extremely loud while driving in traffic but sometimes I really don't understand how others got their license. I wonder if everyone in So. Cal feels the same way about everyone else.

It was recently said that So. Californians spend more and more in their cars each year. I so want to live where it doesn't take 45 min. to sometimes go 3 miles. That is just super crazy.

I will practice the rest of the week to understand that others most likely feel the same way I do and that it's all really not worth getting too worked up over.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A bit of quiet time....Thanksgiving

It's nice to have some quiet time to think...E and K are still sleeping. However; I feel that once K senses I am up all bets are off.

Thanksgiving was different this year. We all went to Ellen's and she wasn't doing well considering she just lost Leon. K and I tried to talk with her but I ended up helping E's aunt with the cooking and making a Whole Foods run for water (I ran out).

Dinner however was nice. E's sister and husband were down here and their girls. I fed baby Rachel and part of me thought "Do I really want another kid?" and the other part of me enjoyed it so much. Odd, yes I know. Sam and K played together so much and they both beat me up with pillows. Gotta love a seven and three year old. K and Sam were both grateful for their mommies and that was sweet.

I have so much to be grateful for. I've had a really good life thus far and yes, there have been some bad times but I've moved passed those times. I have a husband who adores me (with my attitude and all), I have a daughter who wants to be with me always (OK it's cute but she can be a bit of a Klingon), I have friends who I adore and who adore me (I really believe we all need a few good friends), I am healthy, I have a roof over my head, etc.

I need to remember that yes there are rough times but we can always get through them. I have a great support system yes. However; I can get my with the help of my HP whenever I need to. I can pray and yes over time things do get better.

My goal is to continue to try and grow this upcoming year. I know 100% that I will not be working past April 2008. I want to be there for my family and for me more. If I have to be on a strict budget so be it. You never know what can happen from moment to moment and I want to cherish all the ones I can.

OK, enough sappy from me today. I'm off to buy fruit for the magic bullets I bought yesterday after standing in a 2.5 hour line at Kohl's because yes, I'm crazy (:

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Exercise sucks but....

Ok, so I will edit this daily to update the days I do exercise. I've just called LA Fitness and they're open until 2PM so I will be going in today. That is my first entry...I will eat breakfast with E and K and then I'm off to the gym. Stay tuned for future edits to this entry....

11.22.07 - Oh yeah baby...for the first time in my history I went to the gym on Thanksgiving and did 1.6 miles in 20 min. I even jogged at 5.0 for 3 minutes. 3.0 is too slow for me now. I know I'm no super jogger but it's progress baby!

11.24.07 - I will update what I accomplish later but I will be at the gym sometime today or I will go to the Zoo and do a ton of walking....Let's see how this day turns out. I skipped yesterday because I was shopping alot...Does that count as exercise lol.
11.24.07 - So the Zoo it was. I even got a stroller to make the walk even more enjoyable and pushing K I hope helped my muscles. I then went shopping for home stuff and groceries and pushing that heavy cart I believe helped as well. Until next time.

11.28.07 - My goal to get to the gym today. We'll see if I make it...I'm so tired and it's so cold.

12.08.07 - I've sucked at exercise since November 22nd using the excuse I'm so busy. However; today being cold and all I'm going to Cardio Kickboxing for the last time since the class will be over. I think I'll sign up for a dance class next time. Anywho, I will try my best to exercise daily busy or not!

Get off the computer......

Think before you have children is what I offer to all.....Now, I love my little girl oodles but I try and sneak out to get up early and spend some time online for moi and she knows I'm up....I can't get five minutes without her needing one thing or another....She's making her Christmas list and wants me to tell her what she wants....I'm so not a seven year old child.

I am grateful for her since it's Thanksgiving...I do love her but......why is it that she needs to get up when I do? Can't she sleep in for just one (1) day?????????

Happy Turkey Day....Off to watch Macy's parade, have breakfast with the family, and enjoy time with Erics family and my mother for dinner this evening.....

P.S. DD really needs to start her day over lol.....

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I love fall. Too bad I'm not in No. Cal taking pictures but here's one I took in Palo Alto. I never see trees like this in So. Cal. It's nice to visit places that are actually seasonal.

My Blog

Ok so I figured I could give this a try...Why not?

I have a hard time saying how I really feel so maybe in a blog where I don't care what others think will help. I figure this could be great to write about moi, family, and whatever. I hope it works and if it doesn't....Oh well. Really I can only try.

So to begin it's Thanksgiving ev
e....Here's a short gratitude list:

  1. K...she helps to center me and calm me.
  2. E...He puts up with moi. Enough said.
  3. Leon...I'm grateful to have known him. What a wonderful man and I found out more about him today. You learn a lot about people once they pass. We should all try more to know the people in our lives fully while they're still here.
Until next time....Leon in his K and S's Great Grandpa Hat...

Rest in Peace Leon!