Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spit Up & Rolling & Laughter OH MY!

Happy Six Months to "L Man" What an amazing six months it's been!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Maple Christmas...

I keep trying to capture the Christmas's of past where I was a little girl in the house of my grandparents on Maple. Our family was what is called "Dysfunctional" but there was something about Christmas I always looked forward to.

The lights on the house were those old basic Christmas lights that were the basic colors and didn't blink. The tree was large and there were decorations about.

I don't even know what was so special about the Christmas's I keep thinking of often but I know that I keep feeling it hasn't felt like a real Christmas for sometime.

Living in a tiny apartment where there isn't room for a decent size tree I imagine is part of the problem or living in a neighborhood where I'm one of three homes with lights or a tree for that matter can be part of the problem. I don't feel like there is a Christmas feel around here.

I love going to the valley and looking at the homes with all the lights or driving through Griffith Park in a long line of cars or walking the path to see all the lights and listen to the Christmas music.

I can't wait for us to have a home where I can bring Christmas to life again, something I really notice this year I've been missing. Yes, we do Chrismukkah but I just feel like somethings missing. I'm going to take the rest of the season to really try and have a more Christmas feel in the home.

I know I'll never get back those Christmas times on Maple but I know that I can build new memories for my children despite where we live and I'm going to do so.

Oh Tiny Christmas Trees

Seeing we live in a tiny little apartment and have a tiny little boy who is a rolling machine we pulled the tiny old tree out of it's box and propped it up on a tiny little table by our huge bay front window. We also have Eric's "fiber-optic tree" set up on top of my antique stand up radio.

Enjoy the wonder of the tiny trees

Eric's amazing tree & Noah's Ark Menorah along with his UCLA stocking.

Our tiny little tree this year

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Domestic Project "Three" Completed????

The test was to see if I the shopper of food ready to be eaten (OK not really) but if I a person with no skills creating baby food could indeed make and have a baby like my baby food.

I think I scored one for the team. First I tried organic apple sauce and yesterday created a squash masterpiece. Please don't be jealous of my skills with fruits and vegetables. Also, it's a fact that I enjoyed doing this.

I think this will begin my love affair with creating dishes for babies, 10 year olds, and grown men. Watch out Paula Deen! Here I come!!!!

Said Squash to be enjoyed starting tomorrow. Looks like apples are ok for said taste tester.

Taste Tester ~ Cute baby clueless to what he may have to eat going forward.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Rice Cereal & Other Adventures in Baby Food

With teeth cut through and feeling less pain L was one little happy guy yesterday really eating his rice cereal for the first time. L and his Daddy for that matter both enjoyed it.

Maybe it was the heatable bowl I received from my SIL that did the trick. Maybe he really likes the cereal warmer???

I made homemade apple baby food for him as well yesterday which was nice. Why go waste money when I can make it myself. I received a baby food making kit off my baby registry and finally got to use it.

I'm looking forward to our adventures in eating with Mr. L

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Domestic Project "Two" Complete

My attempt at making L's first "Chrismukkah" onsie was an adventure. From cross stitch to iron on was a journey.

I tried to use sewing thread from Eric's grandmother as she was a seamstress and had great thread but it was too thin. Then I went to Michaels and tried to do cross stitch and well you can see from the picture that it didn't go well.

So finally, I went with iron on and had fun figuring out how to do writing and pictures to come out correct on the onsie and found a plain white long sleeved onsie to use. It came out great I believe BUT had a few cracks in the print after I put it on L. Who knows where I can end up if I perfect the iron on onsie technique.

Until "Project 3"

Cross Stitch ~ bad idea.

The way the onsie should look ~ Model Teething so not too thrilled but there's a little smile there.