Saturday, December 3, 2011

Giving Over The Holidays....

I started a Meetup mommy group for L. I'm not as active as I'd like to be BUT I do my best to attend events and have fun.

Tomorrow I've opened our home to my mommy group and not only are we going to celebrate this holiday season but we are going to be collecting donations between us to give to Harvest Home a shelter for pregnant homeless women.

Here's a link to what they are looking for:

My point isn't to donate to them but my point is if you want to feel really good about yourself make some kind of donation this year. Last year our family had each kid select a charity and we all made a donation in their names. K wants to donate her hair to Locks of Love and has two more inches to grow and she's cutting her hair.

We all should remember how blessed we are. I mean really there all things we want but for needs we are all doing pretty good. If you can't donate this year maybe volunteer your time. I find when I'm having a rough time volunteering my time gets me out of myself and thinking about others.

Have a wonderful day!