Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mercer House, NASA, and More!

I'm super excited that summer is coming. There is so much I want to do this summer and I'm glad I finally have the opportunity to have some fun and work.

I booked K and I are flights today for Georgia. We'll be there the beginning of July to visit my father. We'll also be going to Texas in July with my boss. Again, another trip of fun because I'm there to help my boss with diabetes if her sensor goes off in the middle of the night. I plan on taking a tour at NASA with K while we're there.

I got tired researching B&B's in Savannah and since I'm not sure if I'll spend 1 or 2 nights there I will re-visit it in the beginning of May.

One thing I'm a bit bummed about is I'm missing my YTL session for July :( but I know that one missed is ok since I can follow up with one of the facilitators and seeing I'm keeping up with everything and practicing taking care of me I'm not going to beat myself up over it.

Next month is my favorite retreat, Catalina, and then June starts a summer of work (and fun).

Any ideas with a place to take the hubby for our 6 year anniversary in June? I'm thinking of a B&B in Big Bear but any ideas are welcomed.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Yesterday we attended a seder at our bosses home. It was very nice and fun for the kiddos. K being a seven year old did get bored and we ended up in the back yard where we found the hammock. She decided to swing on it and she just laughed and laughed as I pushed her on the hammock. To watch the pure joy and fun she was having just melted my heart. I wish everyday were like yesterday where there is no rush to get through the day but just enjoy the little moments. I've been working on having more of those days and yesterday is just another reason why I should have those moments more often. I'm so happy it's April and that June is just around the corner. With my job the way it is I know I'll have a lot of fun this summer. I can't wait to visit the secret beach often and just watch her have fun.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ok so it hit me...

My previous post about earthquakes got some nice comments that I needed to see. Then today in my morning meditation I read this "We may need to accept our powerlessness, believe there is a higher power in control, and look to it for guidance."

Ok I get it lol. At times it is hard to remember I'm not in control and it's great to have people and readings that remind me of this when I need it to be right there for me to see.

Monday, April 14, 2008

California Earthquakes

I'm the super biggest wimp when it comes to Earthquakes. I'm always in so much fear that one will hit while we are sleeping.

So I just read this article and well it made this fear come over me.

I'm trying to walk through fear these days but I truly with all my heart do not like earthquakes. I hope we're in a home by then. Yet, whatever happens I know it's what it's supposed to be.

I just felt I had to get it out in the open.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bad Bad Me...Follow Up

So this morning my dear KK told her father I bought a dress and how much. Her reason behind this is because she wanted platinum earrings (she's allergic to everything including gold) and they were $200.00. Now I don't see the point in paying that much for a 7 year old to have her ears pierced. So because she didn't get her way she ratted me out after hearing me talk with a mother who just got something there as well.

New note to self.....Never and I mean never talk about thinks in front of a scorned 7 year old girl.

It didn't end up to bad for me either...My hubby gets to play another weekend of Poker and we're even but I'm still not buying anything for a while.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bad Bad Me

Well, I haven't shopped in so long that I ended up wandering in Barneys New York and I don't know how I got there. It was like some alien took over my body and forced me to buy this lovely yellow dress for the summer.

Needless to say it's the only item I'll be buying for the summer unless it's free lol.

It felt good to fit into a designer Medium and I'm ready for this summer but no more shopping for me.

On another note I blame KK because she was at a B-Day party in the area and I had two hours to kill...ok it's not the child's fault...ok I was weak.

Skirball Center

The Noah's Ark Exhibit at the Skirball Center was great. The kids had a great time and learned about Team Work, Listening, and even Made a Storm. Below are some pictures from the day. I had a great time with KK's class. We're going back as just a family because the educational tours don't let you do as much. It was great because each family received a free family voucher....


I woke up today after my second night in a row dreaming that I had died. It was troubling to me why I keep having these dreams. In each dream I really want to let KK know I miss her but I can't be with her and it's a struggle.

I decided to look online and see what the whole Internet would say about dreams where I'm dead and it was actually quite positive. I looked at a bunch of dream dictionary's and:

"If you dreamed of being dead yourself, it indicates an approaching release from all your worries and/or a recovery from illness."

Sounds good to me. I've been very, super busy these past couple of weeks and I tend to worry through the really busy times. It's odd to dream that ones dead. I mean usually you know how you just WAKE UP so quickly right before dying in a dream but to go through dying and not waking up is odd.

I really do believe that our dreams play a big part in what is going on with us. I had a therapist in my younger years who worked on my dreams with me because I had night terrors. He showed me that if we look at the different aspects of our dreams we can see what we are going through. You know, at that point in my life he was correct. I think even if I broke apart my nightly dreams it would still be true.

I will not be afraid by my dreams today, even the ones that aren't the easy perfect dreams we all look for.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Loving My Job...Finally!

So the past 10 years I've really hated all my jobs after some time. I'm usually in fear a lot at those jobs that I'm going to be fired. Usually starts pretty quickly into those jobs. Ok there were 4 in the past 10 years, not like I just up and left jobs but seems like employers sold or went out of business.
Then I found this current job.....I work out of my bosses home, I'm allowed to have my daughter at work, I can wear whatever I want, I have a fridge that I don't have to worry anyone will take anything (except diet coke which my boss loves), I set my own schedule, It's just the two of us, sometimes three in the office but mostly it's just me. Who wouldn't love that. Oh and from 12 to 1 I have I Love Lucy playing in the background and even watch it sometimes while I eat a yummy Morning Star Griller with Cheddar.
I woke up today and I have to get KK up for school and it hit me, I won't be at work today and it's ok. I'm walking KK to school and going to the Skirball Center to see the Noah's Ark exhibit with KK's class and my boss ok'd it and for the first time I don't feel like I'm going to be fired. My boss knew that I was a stay at home mom (part time) and that I'm so willing to go there again. Yet, I don't ever have to remind her of that. She says I'm a big part of the company and how grateful she is to have me and she's one of those bosses who is sincere when they speak, what a difference from Corporations to Small Home Businesses.
My boss also informed me that unless I receive a degree in music I can't quit. I'm stuck with her and you know it's ok. It's a small business and there is no overtime really. I've been doing trainings with employee's the past week and so I've had some long days but nothing like I'm used to.
I'm off, I'm going to join a 2nd grade class visit the Noah's Ark exhibit and I'm making two sack lunches for the park, and I'm going to enjoy a day with my 7 year old girl while she still loves to hang out with her mother.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm In...

Tonight I make my first payment of many for the next year. I've decided to do the Year To Live classes/groups whatever you want to call them. I'm so excited to be taking care of myself and doing something good for me. By reading the book thus far I see how I myself and probably lots of others are too hard on themselves.

I'm nervous too as I don't know what to expect but that's the point. I'm trying to live life and do whatever is in front of me.

My husband at first was a bit upset about the Mothers Day scheduled time but I told him that we'd go to dinner after and that I'd leave my retreat at 7AM to spend most of the day with the family.

I've already added all the dates to my blackberry as to not be a flake. I tend to over book myself and recently the blackberry really has helped.

Get ready as I know this experience will give me lots more to blog about.