Sunday, March 23, 2008

No More Easter Bunny & No More Santa

Well, it is official. Our dear 7 1/2 year old told me this morning that she heard from her friend that there is no Santa or Easter Bunny. We talked and in the end she now knows all mommy and daddy's secrets.

She's actually quite OK but if I think about it I wasn't too upset either when I found out. She's growing up and it's really neat to hear her tell me about how she feels about different things.

Don't get me wrong, Santa will still bring her presents...she'll just know they're from me and her daddy.

Have a great Easter to all those with their families today!

Our Family Mini Vacation

So we took a mini vacation to Las Vegas and Disneyland. I thought I'd share some of our pictures as it seems I have a hard time doing this on a regular basis...

Here we go...Here is E being arrested by K in Calico. It was freezing cold there but here are a few more pics..

Here is K in one of the homes there

Here is K and I looking for gold

There was this house made of bottles that had a star of David on the side. Here is a shot of one side of the house

As we left Calico we blasted the heater and put the top down on the convertible we rented and K loved it

We then hit Vegas and here is a pic of the family at the Mirage. We went to the Dolphin and Lion/Tiger habitat there and it was very nice

While in Vegas it was St. Patty's day and K got into the spirit of the day

On this trip K also went on her first rides upside down. Here is E and her right before going upside down and it would stop upside down, there was no way I was getting on that ride...ever

We saw Mystere at Treasure Island while we were there and K was a part of the show and the performers kept waving to her and smiling at her. I guess it pays to be in the front row. No pictures from there but we bought some I can scan for later....
Finally we were off to Disneyland. Here's some pics from there. We went to both Disneyland and California Adventure. I went on Tower of Terror for the first time and it was great! We also went on the new Nemo ride and had dinner at a French restaurant in the park.

We had a great day there and now were back to reality and life. Have a great week!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes

<~~~~~ From This

To This ~~~~~~~>
I did it. I threw away all the shoes in the picture to the left and kept only 23 pair. I'm so proud of my new more organized room. I'm having fun doing this and I threw away about 20 pair of shoes. I love my new over the door shoe organizer and it feels good to not bump into a shoe rack in front of my bed. More organizing will follow.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

In a Nut Shell

I've just realized that I am one year out from my surgery. Yeah me. I can't believe it's already been a year. I saw my surgeon a couple of days ago and he says I'm doing great! I feel so much better than the day of surgery. I've lost 105 lbs. and even bought my first bathing suit. I even enjoyed checking myself out in the mirror when I tried it on lol.
My goal is 15 to 20 lbs. in the next six months so when I see my surgeon in six months I will be done with the weight loss.
Onto the reason I had the surgery...I wanted to live. Well, tomorrow K is staying at a friends and E will be working late so I'm setting my day to die and doing my dying meditation. I can't wait. I love this book "A Year to Live". It's not just for people who are dying it's for people living as well who really want to feel life.
I'm so excited about this and I can't wait to share more on my last year to live. I've really stuck to doing a chapter a day of this book and it really completes the year I just accomplished.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Walking through it....

So, yes no post for a while but life gets busy.

I've been doing a lot of work on me and it feels great. I've learned recently that to take care of myself isn't a chore but can be rewarding with little daily perks.

For instance, I'm currently reading "A Year to Live" and I read a chapter a day. I have about an hour before the house awakens in the morning and daily I'm reading a chapter while I do some and read some meditation type books. I then do my morning journal writing and you know I'm ready for the day. My point is it used to be a chore to read so when I'm done with this book I will find other books I want to read and day by day I will finish those books instead of struggling to find time to read.

I'm learning as well, with the help of this book and myself to walk through fear. To walk through it makes it so much better. It's odd to do something that scares me but to feel great after is so rewarding.

I'm learning more about life and how great life really can be with the good and the bad.