Monday, March 3, 2008

Walking through it....

So, yes no post for a while but life gets busy.

I've been doing a lot of work on me and it feels great. I've learned recently that to take care of myself isn't a chore but can be rewarding with little daily perks.

For instance, I'm currently reading "A Year to Live" and I read a chapter a day. I have about an hour before the house awakens in the morning and daily I'm reading a chapter while I do some and read some meditation type books. I then do my morning journal writing and you know I'm ready for the day. My point is it used to be a chore to read so when I'm done with this book I will find other books I want to read and day by day I will finish those books instead of struggling to find time to read.

I'm learning as well, with the help of this book and myself to walk through fear. To walk through it makes it so much better. It's odd to do something that scares me but to feel great after is so rewarding.

I'm learning more about life and how great life really can be with the good and the bad.

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