Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our Family Mini Vacation

So we took a mini vacation to Las Vegas and Disneyland. I thought I'd share some of our pictures as it seems I have a hard time doing this on a regular basis...

Here we go...Here is E being arrested by K in Calico. It was freezing cold there but here are a few more pics..

Here is K in one of the homes there

Here is K and I looking for gold

There was this house made of bottles that had a star of David on the side. Here is a shot of one side of the house

As we left Calico we blasted the heater and put the top down on the convertible we rented and K loved it

We then hit Vegas and here is a pic of the family at the Mirage. We went to the Dolphin and Lion/Tiger habitat there and it was very nice

While in Vegas it was St. Patty's day and K got into the spirit of the day

On this trip K also went on her first rides upside down. Here is E and her right before going upside down and it would stop upside down, there was no way I was getting on that ride...ever

We saw Mystere at Treasure Island while we were there and K was a part of the show and the performers kept waving to her and smiling at her. I guess it pays to be in the front row. No pictures from there but we bought some I can scan for later....
Finally we were off to Disneyland. Here's some pics from there. We went to both Disneyland and California Adventure. I went on Tower of Terror for the first time and it was great! We also went on the new Nemo ride and had dinner at a French restaurant in the park.

We had a great day there and now were back to reality and life. Have a great week!

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Big Dave said...

Looks like a great time and you look like a million bucks girl.