Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shopping Insanity & Withdrawal...

When you go from being able to shop if you want to...to quitting your job and then your husband taking a 20% pay cut over the past year you can go through what I'd like to call "Shopping Withdrawals"

Take for example a location like the one in the photo to the left (The Americana in Glendale) they have some lovely establishments like Free People & Juicy just to name a few and well these are establishments that I used to enjoy. Now I do what I like to call "Do you love it?" minus the buying it if it's loved.

Signs of insanity from said withdrawals is spending time on websites of your favorite stores and filling your "bag" just to delete the bag at the end. Think of it as torture for a ex-shopper or trying on those Marc Jacob shoes even though you know you won't buy them and then finding out their oober cheap and still walking away but almost in tears (pathetic I know) because you knew ahead of time you weren't going to get them.

Don't get me wrong, for the most part I'm fine with the decision I made. Change is a hard thing though and I like to hang on for dear life when I'm used to something and not feeling "comfortable" with doing something new.

The lesson here and not sure if it's been learned yet is...DON'T GO TO THE WEBSITES AND STORES THAT MAKE YOU CRAZY. That's not too hard to do is it?

Not Enough Time...

There isn't enough time in the day I've realized. This isn't the time old tale of a mother feeling she doesn't have enough time in the day as she sits there eating bon bons and watching soap operas. I'm not that mother, I hate reality TV & Soaps, and I just don't get why there isn't enough time in my day to do all I need to. Between housework & taking care of the families finances etc. I feel like I'm drowning most days. I love the hours between 4:30am and 8:00am when the whole house is asleep (well at least the baby during that time) and I can get work done.

I'm going to just throw it out there that really cloning for mothers should be an option when you are delivering your precious little one because the cloned self can do so much for the over worked self. The funny part of all this is how did I do this with Miss K when I worked? Oh yeah my home was a nightmare.

In closing enjoy the photo of the boy with lots to do to keep him company and yet her prefers to sleep a bit.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Really Lady???

While out with my aunt today we walked into Nordstrom to feed the baby since they have nice women's lounges. Anywho, this lady walks up to me and asks "Why are you bottle feeding your baby?" "Really lady, did I ask your opinion?" is what I wanted to say but instead I explained how we had issues nursing when she then asked "Is that your milk in the bottle?" to which I flipped her off in my head but instead explained pumping was very painful and I wasn't producing enough milk.

Why did I let her get to me?

My Lactation Consultant said I went above and beyond trying to nurse this little guy and did way more than a lot of women would have done when having problems. Still I felt disappointed and shame not being able to nurse when I tried so hard.

Today is day 11 not giving L my milk. I was fine and doing better until said lady at Nordstrom hurt my feelings today and I wish I didn't feel I had to explain myself but I was afraid if I didn't this total and complete stranger would judge me even more.

Now people know I'm very honest but I couldn't tell her to mind her own business. I guess that is something I'll work on. Watch out next nosy lady butting into my business!

Monday, August 23, 2010

i HEART her!!!

I so adore Miss K. She has the biggest heart! She always just says what she feels and I think "This came out of a 9 year old".

Today for example she was talking about homeless people and how sad she was for them. How they don't have food and because they have no money what happens if they get sick? They aren't able to go to the hospital and what about the kids who don't get to eat. How sad it was.

She always comes up with different ways to help people, all types of people.

I love how she came up with recycling at her school to make more money for her school. Last year, the second year this was in effect there the school made about $1,500 to help the school more green. Love That! I had Styrofoam banned from Burbank schools in 6th grade. I think it's great she's taken after me in the environmental changes that one person can make, really can make a big difference.

Her new thing is adopting an animal at the zoo or through one of the many tv shows that ask for help with animals.

I just had to make this post about what a big hearted amazing little girl I have! Yes, there are times that she is the biggest pain in the rump but I wouldn't change her for anything else & I can't believe in less than a month she will be ten. Oh how time flies!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


This evening we went and had dinner with Eric's parents & grandmother. I enjoy spending time with Ellen because she will reminisce about long ago and about her family. It does get sad at times when she speaks of World War Two but I think it makes her feel good to talk to someone about times past.

Since L was born she seems to be more alive. She turned 90 and all she spoke of was how it was her time to go. She was ready to die. Not anymore. Now she speaks of being around for another at least 5 years.

K being almost 10 has been able to really spend some time with her Great Grandmother. Ellen adores all her great grandchildren. Four now. Three girls and now one little boy. All four of these kids I hope will remember this amazing and sometimes very bitter woman. I want them to remember her and if anything just her. I doubt they'll have memories like Eric or his sister Karla but some memories will be nice.

I got a little sentimental today about her because as I held L and he fell asleep in her room she too fell asleep and it was so nice to be there with a brand new life and a woman who lived a full life. I hope to pass on some of her stories to L & K as they are older. I hope L, K, S, & R know how much their Great Grandmother really does love them.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Relaxing in my co-sleeper...

I try to give L some time alone in his co-sleeper. Here is one of those times with all the little toys I could find lol.

Playtime with L

Mat time is fun with L. The pictures say it all.

An Afternoon at Roxbury with No Nanny...

A afternoon at Roxbury Park with no nanny at the nanny park.


Daddy & L

One eyed Jack

Ring around the daddy

Happy L

L enjoying the park

A Happy K swinging the afternoon away

K Hearts L

So here is the past couple of weeks of Sister & Brother time...

Notice the leash...Yes, K put a leash on her brother and was calling him a dragon. Feel the love.

Chilling together.


K loves L.

Good Morning K & L

Photo Ops with L

There are those who wanted to meet L...Here are his followers this week...

Kaila & L chilling at Gris's 30th surprise party

Curt & L (AKA Carlos) at Gris's surprise 30th party

Angie, Curt, and L at our house. We cooked and they brought us Japanese candy straight from Japan.

Just give us a call to set up your time for a photo op with L

Bath Time With Big Sister

K loves to help L in his baths. He loves to be in the bath as well.

Giving L a bath, This is when K wears clothes that can get wet.

Chilling in the bath

I hate it after I leave the bath but calm down once I've had my lotion put on me.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Start of the Family Blog...I hope it sticks

Here is a update in pictures of K & L July 2010 to current August 7, 2010. I will be doing updates from time to time. Be on the lookout for an email directing you here or you can just drop on by...
My princess K
Future Hunk L showing how cute he really is.
K is so happy camp is over and the first thing she wanted to do was hold her brother.
Sleeping L. So content.
Adorable little boy.
When bored little girls place their brothers on their dolls bedding. L meets Franny.
K enjoying the beach.
L's first time to the beach with mommy.