Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shopping Insanity & Withdrawal...

When you go from being able to shop if you want to...to quitting your job and then your husband taking a 20% pay cut over the past year you can go through what I'd like to call "Shopping Withdrawals"

Take for example a location like the one in the photo to the left (The Americana in Glendale) they have some lovely establishments like Free People & Juicy just to name a few and well these are establishments that I used to enjoy. Now I do what I like to call "Do you love it?" minus the buying it if it's loved.

Signs of insanity from said withdrawals is spending time on websites of your favorite stores and filling your "bag" just to delete the bag at the end. Think of it as torture for a ex-shopper or trying on those Marc Jacob shoes even though you know you won't buy them and then finding out their oober cheap and still walking away but almost in tears (pathetic I know) because you knew ahead of time you weren't going to get them.

Don't get me wrong, for the most part I'm fine with the decision I made. Change is a hard thing though and I like to hang on for dear life when I'm used to something and not feeling "comfortable" with doing something new.

The lesson here and not sure if it's been learned yet is...DON'T GO TO THE WEBSITES AND STORES THAT MAKE YOU CRAZY. That's not too hard to do is it?

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