Monday, August 23, 2010

i HEART her!!!

I so adore Miss K. She has the biggest heart! She always just says what she feels and I think "This came out of a 9 year old".

Today for example she was talking about homeless people and how sad she was for them. How they don't have food and because they have no money what happens if they get sick? They aren't able to go to the hospital and what about the kids who don't get to eat. How sad it was.

She always comes up with different ways to help people, all types of people.

I love how she came up with recycling at her school to make more money for her school. Last year, the second year this was in effect there the school made about $1,500 to help the school more green. Love That! I had Styrofoam banned from Burbank schools in 6th grade. I think it's great she's taken after me in the environmental changes that one person can make, really can make a big difference.

Her new thing is adopting an animal at the zoo or through one of the many tv shows that ask for help with animals.

I just had to make this post about what a big hearted amazing little girl I have! Yes, there are times that she is the biggest pain in the rump but I wouldn't change her for anything else & I can't believe in less than a month she will be ten. Oh how time flies!

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