Monday, November 21, 2011

Do It Myself Photo-booth

I want my child to enjoy the best party ideas like anyone else but I don't want to spend the money. I decided she could have a Photo-booth but that I'd do it for her and I did.

This is how to do your own totally awesome photo-booth for a fraction of the cost of renting one or having someone come to your house.....

1. In Microsoft Word or any other program create a template that you will add the photo-strip to once you've taken the pictures.

2. For the booth find an area with a plain background and Walla and instant photo-booth and when you have a house filled with tweens or teens and make it exciting they won't care if they're in a booth they will rather be having a great time posing for pictures!

3. Pick up from Claire's, Icing, 99 Cent Only Stores, Etc. different items to use for props. I didn't spend much money doing this myself and see what you have around your house as well. My wedding veil ended up being used. Crazy I know.

4. Pick up nice Card Stock paper. This way you aren't using photo paper and you can print out like my example and send home with everyone. They get a keepsake and their picture.

5. Have fun & enjoy doing it.

I had a great time with these kids. The area I used has stairs leading to it and it's in a room of our home. The kids would run up the stairs, pose, and run back down to get in line again. Success I tell ya!

I'm enjoying doing these projects and figuring out how to save money but have fun. What things have you done for parties to save some money??

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Today's Pampering is Brought.....

to you by....A budget.

Living in a home, a real home with lots of space and me not working equals being on a budget and doing pampering the old fashioned way by myself.

Tonight I colored my hair darker, gave myself a pedicure including the lovely coloring of my nails, a mini manicure, and a relaxing mud mask facial.

I know I saved over $100 tonight doing this all myself. The best part too was K came in and joined me and she gave herself a mini pedicure. I had 1.5 hours of moi time tonight and feel almost brand new lol.

I'm learning as long as I take care of moi (yes, I'd love a day at the spa) that all is well in my little world. This includes not only spiritually but getting in touch with my inner girly self.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

2nd Hand Clothing NO it's Green Clothing

I'm big on recycled clothing, giving away clothing, receiving clothing, buying used clothing, frequenting thrift shops. I also have a love for certain brands of clothing that I may not be able to get "Used" but I know how to find a deal. For instance there is a Warehouse sale coming the weekend of the 18th for Splendid & Ella Moss. I enjoy their warehouse sales and not only find things for my family but gifts for the upcoming Chrismukkah season.

I was recently asked for some good consignment places for kids or cheaper stores and you'd be surprised how I work. My friend noted I always find great deals and I sure do!

  • Burbank, CA has a little gem of a thrift store on the corner of Magnolia & California. Every Tuesday & Thursday before noon everything but the new tag is 50% off. Not only am I always able to find something for the family and myself I find stuff to sell on eBay as well. I make good money off this store by attending their half off mornings. Prada (not Frada) and Burberry are just a couple of designers I've found there.
  • eBay is my friend. I know the ins and outs of eBay and how to research if a seller is good or not so I know at least 95% whether new or used I'm getting a good deal. I've learned to also cross reference to different sites like major department stores to see if there is a better deal.
  • Fallas Paredes is a store I'd never think I'd find Joe's jeans in but I did. I've also found Guess & other items that I can sell on eBay. You have to have patience and a lot can be considered crap but I even got K's school uniform tops there for $1.99 & $2.99 each. All new items and just greatly discounted.
  • Consignment stores are an adventure in themselves. I used them when K was smaller to sell her items. Back then I really HAD to have the best of everything for her and the consignment stores were really growing and paying a good amount for used kid clothes. Now I haven't been too happy with the stores. I find more stains, receive more damaged goods then things that are in excellent condition. The lighting in the stores isn't usually great and why I miss the stains and I get in and out too quickly to really check the item, my bad so I really try and avoid them but I did get a great Skip Hop diaper bag for $26 that I found online for $64 and it looks new so that was a score I have to say.
  • Clothing Swaps with friends is a great way to get together and exchange clothing. Not all kids are the same age and some may need what others are done with. It's great to invite moms to be or new moms too so they can receive items even if they are not giving and this way they'll attend the next time and bring items as well. I used to be part of a book & bag swap as well that a bunch of us women did and there would be dessert, conversation, and swapping.
  • Just give clothing away. I think like Karma clothing or items will come back to you. I'm always known to give things away and from time to time my friend gives me clothing for K that was given to her daughter and there was too much or my son for instance now has a pair of converse for sizes 5, 5.5, 6, and 6.5 from another friend and a good amount of size 2-3 Gap clothing perfect that was just received. I believe what you give out there comes back to you.
  • Totsy, Rue La La, etc. websites provide great deals from time to time. I bought my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag for L for $80 through Rue La La and on the website right now it goes for $175 so when I want something really nice or pricey I try and stick with these websites that also have iPhone apps so I can look while the boy is asleep on me.
Here are some of the ways I try and stay green and again I love new items too but sometimes think spending so much on a child is a waste because of how quick they grow. I do other things but I'm also curious if anyone has any ideas on what they do to stay "Green" per say or to "Save Money". Having a house now saving money is a top priority for me.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm Not a Perfect Mom BUT Neither are You!

There are some moms I know who feel they are perfect. However; none of us are. Yesterday morning my 16 month old got a hold of his fathers shaving razor and well, the picture to the right was the end result. Yes, blood was everywhere and yes we had to figure out it was the boy bleeding BUT did I honestly think that he would find his fathers razor in a drawer I didn't think he'd get into....NO.

Why beat myself up? Telling other women/mothers about the incident can be all the beating up I need or is it? I assume you hear that I've let (NOT REALLY) my 16 month old play with shaving razors and he's cut his poor finger pretty good and boy I'm pretty incompetent because who would allow their 16 month old to play with razors? I doubt that is what most are thinking and quite frankly if they are they can just not speak to me....period.

I read a lot about children getting hurt and it happens. Did I learn something from this?? Yes, that my boy really does find and get into everything. I also learned that same boy loves to put things down the furnace shoot. I can't be on his tail every second because of the whole you know fact that he has a 11 year old sister too that needs me. I do have my home childproof (to the best of my knowledge) and close off doors and keep L to the best of my knowledge SAFE.

Yesterday he got hurt, I made his boo boo better, moved a razor, and knew I wasn't a bad mom and at the end of the day that is really what matters. Not what others may think about me.