Thursday, January 27, 2011


K & I love to pick these and share a wish together. We never tell each other what we've wished for but it is our thing. Now, every time I see one I think of her and know this wishing for unspoken things is our special thing together and always will be.
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to tackle...the next...

domestic project. I've decided now that I'm the wise age of 35 that's it's been a nice break from my domestic projects and it's time to start again.

My newest project will be an adventure in disaster, not that in the end all will be excellent but the track record I have of being a walking accident can almost guarantee some type of injury. Now that I've prepared you for my outcome of some injury I'm hoping the outcome of my project is much different.

I'm refinishing our dining room table. A oak table given to my husband from his Oma. Now, I don't want to damage this nice piece of furniture that needs a face lift so I'm going to start on something small. I will be visiting one (really I've only seen 2 in my neighborhood) local thrift store and will look for a small piece of furniture to refinish.

Next, because why do it ahead of time, I will research how to actually refinish some type of wood furniture. I think that may be the smart way to go to ensure the table comes out right. Once research is complete...project will start right away.

Now, we need to add in the "Baby" factor which equals a six month old who may need some attention from time to time...Who knows how long this domestic project will actually take. I will be posting blog updates to share my accidents, triumphs, struggles, etc. while I attempt to refinish a piece of furniture.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Evenings with Ellen

We were asked to come give Ellen dinner. The lady Miriam who normally does has the evening off for New Years. I wish I could record our conversations while we are here. She adores L and we've really seen a change for the good since he was born.

Tonight she mentioned she was glad we were here that it can get lonely at night. I am glad we could keep her company on this first day of 2011. No one should have to be alone over the holidays, especially grandparents who live near by & though this is our 3rd trip over today, it is so worth it.
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Testing the Droid.....

Got the Droid phone. Testing to see how the Blogger application works. You never know this could get me to blog more. Then again it may do nothing.
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