Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm Not a Perfect Mom BUT Neither are You!

There are some moms I know who feel they are perfect. However; none of us are. Yesterday morning my 16 month old got a hold of his fathers shaving razor and well, the picture to the right was the end result. Yes, blood was everywhere and yes we had to figure out it was the boy bleeding BUT did I honestly think that he would find his fathers razor in a drawer I didn't think he'd get into....NO.

Why beat myself up? Telling other women/mothers about the incident can be all the beating up I need or is it? I assume you hear that I've let (NOT REALLY) my 16 month old play with shaving razors and he's cut his poor finger pretty good and boy I'm pretty incompetent because who would allow their 16 month old to play with razors? I doubt that is what most are thinking and quite frankly if they are they can just not speak to me....period.

I read a lot about children getting hurt and it happens. Did I learn something from this?? Yes, that my boy really does find and get into everything. I also learned that same boy loves to put things down the furnace shoot. I can't be on his tail every second because of the whole you know fact that he has a 11 year old sister too that needs me. I do have my home childproof (to the best of my knowledge) and close off doors and keep L to the best of my knowledge SAFE.

Yesterday he got hurt, I made his boo boo better, moved a razor, and knew I wasn't a bad mom and at the end of the day that is really what matters. Not what others may think about me.


Anonymous said...

Being a mom of 5 children, I so appreciate your candor. I was vigilant, as well, but, we still had our share of cuts, bumps, and yes, even a few trips to the ER. I hugged my kids everyday, made sure they knew I loved them everyday, and got up everyday and did my best at being their mom. What more can anyone expect from you. Thank you, again. Wish they had these blogs when my kids were little.

Angela Porcell said...

Things happen, and I'm glad to hear that you're putting it behind you and not beating yourself up (too much, at any rate - we just can't seem to help it, it seems!) I'll never forget my littlest, when she was about 14 months old, slipping on the pew at church and cutting her head above one eye - and rushing her to the bathroom at the back of the church in front of God and Country to clean her up - she had been crawling around and slipped - I was sure that it was my fault for letting her crawl around in the first place. Oh, good times!