Monday, November 21, 2011

Do It Myself Photo-booth

I want my child to enjoy the best party ideas like anyone else but I don't want to spend the money. I decided she could have a Photo-booth but that I'd do it for her and I did.

This is how to do your own totally awesome photo-booth for a fraction of the cost of renting one or having someone come to your house.....

1. In Microsoft Word or any other program create a template that you will add the photo-strip to once you've taken the pictures.

2. For the booth find an area with a plain background and Walla and instant photo-booth and when you have a house filled with tweens or teens and make it exciting they won't care if they're in a booth they will rather be having a great time posing for pictures!

3. Pick up from Claire's, Icing, 99 Cent Only Stores, Etc. different items to use for props. I didn't spend much money doing this myself and see what you have around your house as well. My wedding veil ended up being used. Crazy I know.

4. Pick up nice Card Stock paper. This way you aren't using photo paper and you can print out like my example and send home with everyone. They get a keepsake and their picture.

5. Have fun & enjoy doing it.

I had a great time with these kids. The area I used has stairs leading to it and it's in a room of our home. The kids would run up the stairs, pose, and run back down to get in line again. Success I tell ya!

I'm enjoying doing these projects and figuring out how to save money but have fun. What things have you done for parties to save some money??

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