Monday, October 31, 2011

I threw a what?????

I threw a Baby Shower for my dear friend Eliza yesterday and thought I'd get crafting and domestic. I think I did a great job and thought I'd share some of what I did in the event it jumps at anyone for ideas of what to do & though these probably are all not new ideas for someone so not domestic (well getting there) this was a great accomplishment lol.


This took me the most amount of time to do. I found some vintage wallpaper and cut out the whole alphabet. I then took clothes pins and added vintage fabric to them and attached everything to a blue clothesline. I think it was a cute idea and the mommy to be did too. I really wanted to make this feel like a Do It Yourself event. I didn't want the feel of it being all store bought. Personal felt so much better and using what I found & had made it a bit green too.

I love love loved making these little cupcakes. I took the white frosting and made it blue and added the little white sugar balls to the frosting. I saw these online and just recreated them myself. I think they came out great!

Trying to create cookies that spell out BABY and with some stars was fun at least. Sure this is all that was workable and still not the way I wanted them but from this experience I learned that using wax paper when you're rolling out dough makes life so much easier. I also was happy to know how much these were liked (and the broken ones) and they were Gluten Free. No one knew (except for mommy to be and her mommy)

Finally I made the take home gift for everyone using a Mason Jar, Vintage Fabric, a Tea Light Candle, Chamomile Bath Salts, and little thank you note. The note said to now enjoy, light the candle, and enjoy a nice bath with the salts. It also included that the jar can be used as vase which is what I did for the table with all the food on it. The jars looked so nice on the changing table with her presents all around it and wouldn't you know it's the one thing I didn't get a picture of so above is one lonely jar.

For someone not so domestic and learning to be who was in the middle of moving and caring for a toddler all day long I think I did some great crafting & baking and look forward to doing more as time goes on. Who knows what my domestic future brings.

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