Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sleep Lessons & Changes

L has been a nap on my mommy or in the car seat/stroller kind of boy. Now it never occurred to me that if I wanted him to nap in his bed that I could cover him up with some blankets and make him nice and warm and in all accounts "Swaddle" him. This could be the fact that as a small baby L didn't like to be swaddled. He would somehow get his arms and legs out while sleeping.

Things change as do little boys who seem to now prefer spending naps snuggled and warm. The funny thing about the past two days is that at night he still prefers to sleep with no blankets and they actually wake him up and he kicks them off.

This is beginning our adventures in sleep changes for Mr. Kisser who has been sleeping in the co-sleeper next to me since day one or in our bed. With the new house I'd like to have my room back. Just me and the Mr. and don't think that is too much to ask for.

I have friends who've done the "Cry it Out" method and though it was really hard it worked for them. I have other friends who prefer the family bed and others still where their little one is fine in a crib of their own. So many options but to find the one that is right for us is our personal choice and will be a learning process.

To not torture this little guy I think starting with naps in his bed where it's a routine for a while will be the key in the new home. He's going from a bed right next to mommy who is guilty of always pulling him into bed to having a room of his own. A big room if you think about it as a 16 month old.

My goal is by the end of the year to have a nighttime routine where Mr. Kisser is in his own room in his own bed.

This is my newest adventure in being a Stay at Home Mom with a 2nd child who is almost 10 years younger than his sister. I had help for our first and was a Work-a-Holic and wasn't able to experience all the fun toddler adventures whether fun or frustrating. No matter what the days bring I don't want to miss these experiences and know that I was home with him to watch him grow.

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