Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Craft Time or Let's Eat Crayons...You Choose

I've wanted to do a Halloween craft with L but couldn't decide what. I'm currently doing a journal with what I'm trying is daily little notes/pictures for K that when I'm done she can read and see all these memories saved for her so I kind of went the same way with L.

I bought him a Halloween Activity book and we completed our first picture together. It was what seemed to be a lot of me explaining to a 16 month old that we do not eat crayons but at the same time he was able to get super excited about the crayons coloring on the book. I figure we can date each time and year we do an entry and do this until he's like five and starting school or after his first year of school, hold onto the book, and give it to him to share with his family one day.

I've found so many crafting items since packing K's room for the move and I'm looking forward to doing more creative things with both kids using said items. I'm so grateful for this move because it will give us so much space to do things indoors and outdoors, be messy, and just have a lot of fun in a place of our own. The best part is I want to get one of those indoor chalk board decals for L's huge walk in closet so he can color on his walls (not really).

So this turned into more than just about the Halloween crafting idea but there is so much to do when you have a 11 year old and sixteen month old.

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