Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No & No

Ever have those days where it seems if it were Sesame Street that the word of the day would be "No"? I seem to be having more and more of them each day.

L is really growing up and enjoying the world of exploration BUT he doesn't get that climbing on objects that could harm him is not OK. For example his climb onto the little side table while I tried to cook dinner was epic.

This brings me to my lack of getting anything done and being in the process of moving. There are times I think he'd benefit from a full day of baby jail (the playpen) but I actually don't want him in it too much because things like showers are a must and he needs to hang out in baby jail while I'm in the shower which now has become a bit of a cold shower since having to have the door open to be in his view is a must as well.

Needless to say for the most part I'm sane and get things done but some days having someone help would be excellent.

I'm looking forward to the new home and the amount of space we will have so I won't have to worry about keeping objects he climb easily on near him.

Off to see what more adventures today brings with Super Secret Stunt Boy L.....

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