Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's Starting

My 11 year old had me Nair her blonde leg hairs today and you would have thought she were in heaven. I'm not ready for this whole "Tween" business.

It seems like yesterday she was wearing those cheap plastic princess heals and walking around like a little princess.

Now half the time she has this attitude I just don't get and the other half the time she's as sweet as can be. I'm unsure I can with sanity complete the next seven years with her.

I can say without a doubt I'm grateful she isn't like how I was at 11. I was just beginning my wild and crazy Kat days.

As we continue this journey I look forward to what is in store and though there's a lot of adjusting going on it's nice to see her grow up.

- Posted on my iPhone because I don't get quality computer time. Quality problem, yes I know.

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