Sunday, September 18, 2011

Snobby Moms & Moi

You know there are some moms that are just too snobby and feel they are too perfect for say people like me. You know us moms who don't have perfect bodies, have those special dogs (the kind I can't stand), perfect homes, and those amazing kids who do no wrong.

The reality is I can personally give a shit if they're in my life but for some odd reason at times I want their approval or not approval but I want to feel they're not looking down on me. They act like they and their children can do no wrong but the reality with that is you can so plainly see that the stick shoved up their rear does probably cause issues on the home front as well.

Luckily it is getting better for me not to care but I do believe I am not the only mom who feels this way and running into those amazing snobs from time to time remind me how I so would never ever want to be like them!!

- Posted on my iPhone because I don't get quality computer time. Quality problem, yes I know.

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