Friday, August 27, 2010

Really Lady???

While out with my aunt today we walked into Nordstrom to feed the baby since they have nice women's lounges. Anywho, this lady walks up to me and asks "Why are you bottle feeding your baby?" "Really lady, did I ask your opinion?" is what I wanted to say but instead I explained how we had issues nursing when she then asked "Is that your milk in the bottle?" to which I flipped her off in my head but instead explained pumping was very painful and I wasn't producing enough milk.

Why did I let her get to me?

My Lactation Consultant said I went above and beyond trying to nurse this little guy and did way more than a lot of women would have done when having problems. Still I felt disappointed and shame not being able to nurse when I tried so hard.

Today is day 11 not giving L my milk. I was fine and doing better until said lady at Nordstrom hurt my feelings today and I wish I didn't feel I had to explain myself but I was afraid if I didn't this total and complete stranger would judge me even more.

Now people know I'm very honest but I couldn't tell her to mind her own business. I guess that is something I'll work on. Watch out next nosy lady butting into my business!

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