Saturday, August 21, 2010


This evening we went and had dinner with Eric's parents & grandmother. I enjoy spending time with Ellen because she will reminisce about long ago and about her family. It does get sad at times when she speaks of World War Two but I think it makes her feel good to talk to someone about times past.

Since L was born she seems to be more alive. She turned 90 and all she spoke of was how it was her time to go. She was ready to die. Not anymore. Now she speaks of being around for another at least 5 years.

K being almost 10 has been able to really spend some time with her Great Grandmother. Ellen adores all her great grandchildren. Four now. Three girls and now one little boy. All four of these kids I hope will remember this amazing and sometimes very bitter woman. I want them to remember her and if anything just her. I doubt they'll have memories like Eric or his sister Karla but some memories will be nice.

I got a little sentimental today about her because as I held L and he fell asleep in her room she too fell asleep and it was so nice to be there with a brand new life and a woman who lived a full life. I hope to pass on some of her stories to L & K as they are older. I hope L, K, S, & R know how much their Great Grandmother really does love them.

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