Sunday, March 23, 2008

No More Easter Bunny & No More Santa

Well, it is official. Our dear 7 1/2 year old told me this morning that she heard from her friend that there is no Santa or Easter Bunny. We talked and in the end she now knows all mommy and daddy's secrets.

She's actually quite OK but if I think about it I wasn't too upset either when I found out. She's growing up and it's really neat to hear her tell me about how she feels about different things.

Don't get me wrong, Santa will still bring her presents...she'll just know they're from me and her daddy.

Have a great Easter to all those with their families today!


Big Dave said...

No i refuse to believe its true. Take it back and Pinocchio is a rel boy.

Miss Bliss said...

Dude to this day I will not discuss the existence of Santa or the Easter Bunny with my Mom because to question their reality would endanger my gift and chocolate supply and I AM NO FOOL, NOR WAS I AS A CHILD.