Sunday, February 17, 2008

Little Feet Update

We've decided that it's not the best time right now for another child.

Yes, I was upset at first. I think now that my body is "normal" that I was and am having those feelings that I needed another child but the fact is those feelings do pass. My husband is still worried about me health wise and thinks I should have a year with no surgery, etc.

We live in a super small apartment and there isn't enough room for another baby. We're also finally out of debt so why get into some? I know that people say there's always a reason to wait but you know in a couple of years it may be a idea. It's not a "We're never going to have another child" but it's a "We're not having another child right now".

We've been saving money and within a couple of years we're going to buy a home so at that time there will be more room. I'm also a part time SAHM right now (very part time work) and I love my freedom while K is at school.

So that's my update. Be responsible and grow up some more and then maybe another child. K really wants a sibling but that is NOT a reason to have another child.

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