Monday, April 21, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Yesterday we attended a seder at our bosses home. It was very nice and fun for the kiddos. K being a seven year old did get bored and we ended up in the back yard where we found the hammock. She decided to swing on it and she just laughed and laughed as I pushed her on the hammock. To watch the pure joy and fun she was having just melted my heart. I wish everyday were like yesterday where there is no rush to get through the day but just enjoy the little moments. I've been working on having more of those days and yesterday is just another reason why I should have those moments more often. I'm so happy it's April and that June is just around the corner. With my job the way it is I know I'll have a lot of fun this summer. I can't wait to visit the secret beach often and just watch her have fun.

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