Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Loving My Job...Finally!

So the past 10 years I've really hated all my jobs after some time. I'm usually in fear a lot at those jobs that I'm going to be fired. Usually starts pretty quickly into those jobs. Ok there were 4 in the past 10 years, not like I just up and left jobs but seems like employers sold or went out of business.
Then I found this current job.....I work out of my bosses home, I'm allowed to have my daughter at work, I can wear whatever I want, I have a fridge that I don't have to worry anyone will take anything (except diet coke which my boss loves), I set my own schedule, It's just the two of us, sometimes three in the office but mostly it's just me. Who wouldn't love that. Oh and from 12 to 1 I have I Love Lucy playing in the background and even watch it sometimes while I eat a yummy Morning Star Griller with Cheddar.
I woke up today and I have to get KK up for school and it hit me, I won't be at work today and it's ok. I'm walking KK to school and going to the Skirball Center to see the Noah's Ark exhibit with KK's class and my boss ok'd it and for the first time I don't feel like I'm going to be fired. My boss knew that I was a stay at home mom (part time) and that I'm so willing to go there again. Yet, I don't ever have to remind her of that. She says I'm a big part of the company and how grateful she is to have me and she's one of those bosses who is sincere when they speak, what a difference from Corporations to Small Home Businesses.
My boss also informed me that unless I receive a degree in music I can't quit. I'm stuck with her and you know it's ok. It's a small business and there is no overtime really. I've been doing trainings with employee's the past week and so I've had some long days but nothing like I'm used to.
I'm off, I'm going to join a 2nd grade class visit the Noah's Ark exhibit and I'm making two sack lunches for the park, and I'm going to enjoy a day with my 7 year old girl while she still loves to hang out with her mother.

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Big Dave said...

I love to hear people that love there job. Congrats