Thursday, December 9, 2010

Domestic Project "Three" Completed????

The test was to see if I the shopper of food ready to be eaten (OK not really) but if I a person with no skills creating baby food could indeed make and have a baby like my baby food.

I think I scored one for the team. First I tried organic apple sauce and yesterday created a squash masterpiece. Please don't be jealous of my skills with fruits and vegetables. Also, it's a fact that I enjoyed doing this.

I think this will begin my love affair with creating dishes for babies, 10 year olds, and grown men. Watch out Paula Deen! Here I come!!!!

Said Squash to be enjoyed starting tomorrow. Looks like apples are ok for said taste tester.

Taste Tester ~ Cute baby clueless to what he may have to eat going forward.

1 comment:

gramms xoxo said...

He's growing up so fast. Look at that cutie holding his spoon. Awwwwww. I love you Liam. smoochies on your adorable cheek. xoxoxoxo