Thursday, December 2, 2010

Domestic Project "Two" Complete

My attempt at making L's first "Chrismukkah" onsie was an adventure. From cross stitch to iron on was a journey.

I tried to use sewing thread from Eric's grandmother as she was a seamstress and had great thread but it was too thin. Then I went to Michaels and tried to do cross stitch and well you can see from the picture that it didn't go well.

So finally, I went with iron on and had fun figuring out how to do writing and pictures to come out correct on the onsie and found a plain white long sleeved onsie to use. It came out great I believe BUT had a few cracks in the print after I put it on L. Who knows where I can end up if I perfect the iron on onsie technique.

Until "Project 3"

Cross Stitch ~ bad idea.

The way the onsie should look ~ Model Teething so not too thrilled but there's a little smile there.

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