Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Maple Christmas...

I keep trying to capture the Christmas's of past where I was a little girl in the house of my grandparents on Maple. Our family was what is called "Dysfunctional" but there was something about Christmas I always looked forward to.

The lights on the house were those old basic Christmas lights that were the basic colors and didn't blink. The tree was large and there were decorations about.

I don't even know what was so special about the Christmas's I keep thinking of often but I know that I keep feeling it hasn't felt like a real Christmas for sometime.

Living in a tiny apartment where there isn't room for a decent size tree I imagine is part of the problem or living in a neighborhood where I'm one of three homes with lights or a tree for that matter can be part of the problem. I don't feel like there is a Christmas feel around here.

I love going to the valley and looking at the homes with all the lights or driving through Griffith Park in a long line of cars or walking the path to see all the lights and listen to the Christmas music.

I can't wait for us to have a home where I can bring Christmas to life again, something I really notice this year I've been missing. Yes, we do Chrismukkah but I just feel like somethings missing. I'm going to take the rest of the season to really try and have a more Christmas feel in the home.

I know I'll never get back those Christmas times on Maple but I know that I can build new memories for my children despite where we live and I'm going to do so.

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