Tuesday, November 27, 2007

To Coexist

OK, so I have this Coexist sticker on my car. This sticker was to help me not be so angry when I drive in So. Cal traffic. However; it is so easy to forget that this sticker is even on my car.

I know to pause, relax, and even turn my radio up extremely loud while driving in traffic but sometimes I really don't understand how others got their license. I wonder if everyone in So. Cal feels the same way about everyone else.

It was recently said that So. Californians spend more and more in their cars each year. I so want to live where it doesn't take 45 min. to sometimes go 3 miles. That is just super crazy.

I will practice the rest of the week to understand that others most likely feel the same way I do and that it's all really not worth getting too worked up over.

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Angela Apple said...

Mandy told me once that you can call some one a name in your car as long as you add "...just like me" to the end of it.
Because all of us do that bad stuff we're yelling at others for.
I too hate driving here!