Friday, November 30, 2007


OK, so at work today I found out I offended a woman I work with. This is fine because she explained why to me and I let her know I wouldn't wear my hair a certain way any longer at work. Yes, my hair. I guess the way I wore my hair today represents slavery to her. Well, I explained in my culture women have worn their hair this way as well but I never thought of it as bad. I mean hell Lucy wore her hair this way on I Love Lucy.

I then come to find out that I've been the topic of conversation with other people as well in regards to my hair. I HATE gossip. I ended up writing an email to my boss about it all and spoke with someone after work who said I did the right thing.

I felt so bad all day....I left for lunch and that was nice but I can't believe people have nothing better to do then to discuss my hair and how I wear it. My one co-worker who told me about everyone else told me she called my boss today to say that my hair do today offended people and they were coming to her about it. Seriously, she called my boss. I then called my boss and apologized that I offended people. Why did I apologize? I'm so sick of the gossip at work. As the wise person I talked to reminded me this is one of the many reasons I will be leaving there in April.

I will go to work on Monday, do my job, keep my headphones on, and hope nothing else I do offends people. Ugghhh really people need to grow up. I've included me with my hair done the way I wore it today. I can't believe this actually offended people.

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