Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Blog

Ok so I figured I could give this a try...Why not?

I have a hard time saying how I really feel so maybe in a blog where I don't care what others think will help. I figure this could be great to write about moi, family, and whatever. I hope it works and if it doesn't....Oh well. Really I can only try.

So to begin it's Thanksgiving ev
e....Here's a short gratitude list:

  1. K...she helps to center me and calm me.
  2. E...He puts up with moi. Enough said.
  3. Leon...I'm grateful to have known him. What a wonderful man and I found out more about him today. You learn a lot about people once they pass. We should all try more to know the people in our lives fully while they're still here.
Until next time....Leon in his K and S's Great Grandpa Hat...

Rest in Peace Leon!