Thursday, December 13, 2007

Growing Up

It's getting close to when I say good-bye for now to one of my best friends, maybe my best ever (it's odd how I love our morning calls where I ramble a lot) who has been through so much with me and has put up with me. Though I'm sad I remember the following....

We all grow up. Over time we all get older and settle down. We find our other half, sometimes we marry and even have kids. It's really just a part of life.

Though I am sad, I have to remember that in the future my husband and have thought of moving to Long Island. Another friend of mine wants to move about 2 hours away south and one of my other dear friends (though she's back) moved to Maryland a couple of years ago.

So, my point is that even though we all grow up, and sometimes this does mean we move, well, we can all keep in touch and never lose those friendships that we've gotten over the years. I know this also will help a friendship grow because you have to put a bit more into it since the friend isn't right around the block anymore and it does give an excuse for traveling (:

In closing I know that I will be sad later this month but I also know that she will be starting a new adventure and will be doing new things. For this..I'm extremely happy for her I wish the best to her and her husband in all that they do. I understand this is just a part of life but I've been in this mode where I didn't really see the end of the month coming, not denial, oh I can't explain it. I guess I'm just so used to her being a part of my daily life with calls and all. Anyhow, since it is approaching and they're having a packing party in a couple of weeks I know that it's time and well, that can make ya sad and happy all at once.

I hope this made sense. ~ Until next time ~ moi

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Sheila said...

Years ago, my best friend moved from Florida to Illinois. Many years later, she returned to Florida. While we were further apart, we still talked - mostly via written letters (snail mail). That said, I am so glad to be closer to her again. Best wishes!