Monday, December 10, 2007

Brownies, Plays, Gymnastics, OH MY

I'm one to take on too much at times but I also want the best for my daughter. While she is willing to participate in activities outside of school I feel I should help her out. Yet, it seems this time of year with the holidays approaching (Hanukkah already started) I feel over busy! I so do not see how other mothers juggle school, work, Brownies, School Plays, Gymnastics, and yes, now she wants to do ballet.

It's also that time where I'm grateful to have my husband. Sure he can't be a Brownie Troop Leader (the whole male thing) and he can't take her to Gymnastics or Ballet (I think his patients would be upset if he weren't there) but he can help me put packets together, make phone calls, make copies, etc.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention I'm the room parent with another mom but it seems though she's a stay at home mom that I am the main room parent.

Next year I plan on taking on a lot less. This is NOT a poor Katherine blog post. This is a priorities post. I try and do everything and be everywhere but the point is I'm a mom first for K and I need to be there for her. This week alone is crazy....from a flower in Alice in Wonderland to the class party Friday I'm a busy lady and I have me to take care of. I've been putting of taking care of me so I've set up some me time this week. I've also been taking care of our home and don't want to lose sight of that as well.

So, for those of you reading this who are my "real life" friends I love ya all but it's really time this whole mommy thing is coming into play with my popular seven year old who wants to do everything lol.

Oh yeah, and not to forget my "YOU HAVE TO DO THIS" stuff, I've started carrying lists. I did this last week and it helped so this week should go well too.

Have a great week all and to all of you with kiddos: Enjoy them while they let you enjoy spending time with them (:

P.S. K has earned six stars for her gymnastics class. They sent home a chart and when there is a star in every area she moves onto the next level. Go K!

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Sheila said...

I know what you mean. I have resorted to making lists almost daily or something falls by the way-side. I have to learn to let go ro say no to some things. Neither is an easy task but I feel I need to recenter my focus.

Yay for K.!!