Sunday, December 23, 2007

A day of rest....

It started last night with a date to see Sweeney Todd and getting in late helped me to finally sleep in and....

Oh the house is so quiet....Yes, I've been a bum all day and loving it. I've watched Red Dragon, napped, played on E's new cell phone, read email, napped some more, and when I'm done with this post, yes I will nap again until 3PM. E is out and it's just me and Christmas T.V.

I really don't miss K, OK I miss her but I'm enjoying doing nada today but being a bum.

Tonight we have E & my b-day dinners with our parents and his family. That should be nice. I love gazpacho and E's mother is making it for my b-day.

Well, off to my nap. Just had to post for me to see that I've had a day for me (:

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