Monday, January 14, 2008


Today is day one of week two of no job.

However; I am ok today. This may be my last week with my old employer, since as she put it, I'm too expensive for her lol.

I've emailed a ton of resumes and will do more emails tonight. That's all I can do.

I may try the Unemployment thing for a while and see how that is. I can go back to school to do something I want and there are some jobs where you can keep unemployment while you go to school to get the skills to do the job.

The message here DON'T STRESS OUT!

I'm afraid of the "Unkonwn" who isn't but I'm going to be ok.

My lifes had many changes recently and all for the better. As someone told me recently and I love how they think..."This could be a blessing" and I think it is.

Well, off to another day of driving into the Valley.


Mona said...

It's a good day...just be in it and take it as it comes.

Sheila said...

Keep up the positive attitude. So many things are blessings in disguise!