Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's all working out...

So yes, I'm still employed as of this weekend (:

Ms. Boss lady has decided to keep me for three more weeks to do a project for one of their clients. See I am the original person who worked on it and well, it's a job for the next three weeks!

What's super cool for me is that I don't have to drive to the Valley except for Fridays!

I've been given a company cell phone, email, and will be reimbursed for expenses. Yes, the comfort of my home with music or the Nick at Night channel as my background noise, instead of office noise.

I do have an interview this Tuesday for my daughters after school program and it could be a large pay cut but a lot less stress and better work hours and possibly summers off.

Everyday is a new journey so I'm off for today's....Universal Studios, Dinner, and The Pasadena Playhouse to end the night...I'm loving this really letting go and just being!

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Mona said...

Divine order...I like it.