Saturday, January 12, 2008

Enron of Entertainment? ~ Axium International

So it's a lovely Monday afternoon around 2:30PM and we are all called up to the conference room. Upper mgmt. announces that Axium International is filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Tuesday and we're free to leave whenever we choose. There's one catch....We're not getting paid. I couldn't touch my 401(k) until yesterday and Monday night I was freaking out about not having a job....

However; since I really don't burn bridges I have a temporary job at least until next Friday. My old boss hired me on (Grateful Here) and they're paying me each Friday. I'm getting paid my old wage but she told me I'm too expensive to keep and that if I'm willing to go to 45k I may have a job. That in hourly talk is around $4.00 per hour. It seems big but if it comes down to it, I may have to.

I'm thinking of this as a blessing in disguise. I've got my resume out there and I know we'll be a-ok.

I'm very upset that I wasn't given any notice or the fact I asked my boss the week before if bankruptcy rumours I heard were true and she said no.

It's been interesting to read all the news about Axium. I just hope out of this 1. I find a job, 2. I get that final pay owed to me, 3. I fax the paperwork TODAY to get my money out of the 401(k), and 4. That I continue to save money because you never ever know what is going to happen.

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