Friday, May 28, 2010

My Number One...

I'm getting so emotional these days. I know my daughter never checks my blog or views these posts when they feed to fb so I feel it's OK to post this.

I purchased these bracelets yesterday for each of us. I got them so she will see how much of my heart she really has.

I'm very nervous and still struggle to see how much I can love these two children E and I will have. I've been alone with Miss K for 9+ years and though I'm so excited to meet & hold L I've given so much of my heart to this little girl.

I've heard that your heart grows when you have more children. I really hope that is true and that your love for each child is different.

I also have a journal that I'm going to finish before she returns from camp this summer with memories of us both that she can cherish as well.

It's the little things to us that I think will make a big difference with the transition in our household.

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