Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chats with my Grandmother

I didn't know my fathers birth mother until April of 2007. Since then I've grown to really care and love this women I haven't known for too long. What's been nice is that she lives in CA as well and just five hours from me. To some this may be quite a ways still but to me where the rest of my family is on the East Coast this is nothing. Just a beautiful drive up the coast to Almond Country as I like to put it.

I've started calling her weekly to just say hello and see how she is doing. It's nice to take time out of the day and see how a loved one is.

She's so open about her life, maybe this is where I get my Chatty Kathy stuff from. Yesterday we discussed her new dog, a poodle. I let her know we'd all look forward to meeting the poodle at the end of summer when we come up with the new baby.

I may not get to see her too often but I've made it a point to come up at least twice a year since I've met her. Before my dad found her all of my maternal and paternal grandparents had passed away. Luckily I had E's grandparents but it's nice to have my dads birth mother around. She's even younger than E's father which made her laugh when I told her so.

So that's my entry for today...enjoy the ones in your life whether you've had them forever or just for a short period of time. It's so worth it!

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