Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mani / Pedi Oh My...

In my attempt to relax I've noticed that I want to relax "NOW" not later. That being said I received a gift certificate to my nail place this past Mothers Day and I couldn't wait to use it so I didn't.

Yesterday, a whopping day later from receiving the certificate I had my mother join me and I went and got a super deluxe spa mani / pedi. Now sitting longer and getting more treatments than normal was really nice. I could do that weekly, really!

It was nice to spend time with my mother and we ended up having lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe. She really liked it and I like that they always let me get the kids meals there.

In closing for yesterday I realized that I need to know that just because I receive any type of certificate it doesn't mean I have to use it ASAP but that I can hold onto it and use it at some other time.

Until next time...

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