Friday, May 7, 2010

Since I'm Told To Rest...

Now that I've been told to rest for the remainder of my pregnancy I've accepted I need to come up with creative things to do. So I'm going to journal said rest and anything interesting to me via said blog that I've ignored and see if it gets me in the blogging mood again and to get me a bit more creative.

Yesterday began my "Adventures in Resting" and though it was hard I finished my CRAFTED yes crafted Mothers Day gifts and even made K her own tote as well.

I'd post the picture of what I did for my mom but she reads what I post so can't do that. To give an example of my craftiness, I posted the pic of the tote I did for my MIL. It took, washing, ironing, sewing, and blood (j/k) to get these totes done yesterday but I sat on my butt doing them. I even made one for Miss K.

I also got a surprise visit from a friend yesterday and a couple of phone calls I really needed. It ended up being a great day to start relaxing.

I WILL blog again Monday as today I'm off to a family weekend away with no cell phone reception where I will really be able to rest and take some amazing photos of family, friends, and the Malibu mountains.

Until Monday....

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