Friday, May 14, 2010

Playing Tourist

When you live next to a touristy spot it's not like you frequent it often or ever for that matter. Yesterday though I was able to be a bit of a Tourist and walk Rodeo Drive with a good friend visiting from Michigan. Now mind you I have my Doc on Rodeo Drive but I park, go see him, and leave. There is no reason for me to hang out. I can also walk there if the spirit moves me (which I may do once L arrives)

Yesterday I did enter a few stores I'd never go into like bebe. Now that isn't a High End store like Cartier or Gucci but it was interesting. I felt so old in there at a whopping 34. I guess I'm really just a casual gal. I think I found one dress upstairs that I liked and even my friend noted she could see me in it. I even ended up getting a little something at Chanel and found out that even though Un Fleur still hasn't come out again that Beige smells almost like it...Had to step away from the shop as I didn't need to spend so much on perfume when I just got some but sadly I will be there when my perfume is out lol.

We ended our visit with lunch at Jack N Jills and it was nice to just sit, converse, and find out more about our lives at this moment. My friend brought another friend from home and it was nice to get to know her as well. It didn't feel awkward like it can when you meet someone new. It felt like I knew her.

So yes, I should be resting but sometimes a walk down a trendy street with a friend can be relaxing when you are really enjoying yourself.

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