Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day Three...Gluten Free

Today is officially day three of being 100% gluten free. When I got back from Georgia I received my blood test results and I'm low on Iron, Protein, B-12, and the kicker I am borderline for Celiacs Disease.

Grocery shopping for 100% gluten free is hard. My lovely turkey meatballs at Trader Joes are a thing of the past. They have wheat in them :(

I see the GI doctor on Thursday and hope to get more answers and get a 2nd opinion. The surgery I had in March 2007 could alter my system a bit.

Hopefully this gets easier. Oh yeah drank protein yesterday, took my iron, and today b-12. I'm back on track. I really need to not just take care of myself spiritually but physically as well. My health is not a joke and I can't be too busy to take care of it. Note to self.

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seevickirun said...

It does get easier... though I remember thinking that I was going to starve to death trying to eat this way in the beginning. Angela got me thinking about switching my diet to glutten free, well over a year before I made the plung but I have now been glutten free...hmmm, maybe a year and a half or maybe it's been two and a half years...whatever...I didn't die and today I am grateful I don't have to eat stuff that has glutten in it!!!