Thursday, July 10, 2008

All good things must come to an end...

I'm sitting here waiting for my flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles to finally board, if it ever does.

We arrived in Savannah yesterday afternoon after spending the morning with my father and step mother. Kaila was tired, I was too so after a bit of rest we ate dinner at the Six Pence Pub/Restaurant and went back to our bed and breakfast to book our ghost tour.

We went on a 9 PM ghost tour that was neat to say the least. It was neat to hear about the start of the girl scouts there as well because we all know I'm going to be such a great troop leader next year....or maybe not.....

When we returned to our cottage there were these giant bugs that I found out were actually giant cockroaches and I just couldn't handle that so we moved into the main house to a quaint room that I actually liked much better. The place was clean don't get me wrong but it's humid at night there too and they crawled under this door upstairs....I really liked this bed and breakfast and the main house was super clean!!!

Breakfast today was some lovely blueberry pancakes and then we checked out. We went to the Mercer house and took a tour. Shame on them for not letting me take pictures of anything I wanted to but just know if you want a good informative tour in Savannah this is one of the places to visit.

So, we ended our trip by going to River Street and having a lovely lunch, buying a tacky shirt per a request, and some salt water taffy and headed back to the Savannah Airport.

Now our trip came to a happiness end because our flight was cancelled in Savannah, we got put on an earlier flight to Atlanta, that was delayed and now were in Atlanta where we found out our flight that was supposed to leave at 8:25 is now leaving at 11:00 and so we'll be sitting here for 6.5 hours. Fingers Crossed our flight isn't delayed any further......Pictures of our trip to follow soon.

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