Friday, April 10, 2009

Two Days To Go....

I'm down to the final two days of my life and well, I feel all sorts of things.

Part of me feels like ok, I'm almost done with this practice and that in itself is a little sad because I've gained so much from the practice but another part of me is at peace that if anything really did happen to me, at this very instant I would know the people I really truly care about know that and well that, makes me feel good.

I'm calling my dad and step mother today and just calling them to say hello. They really didn't get the whole practice I was doing. I'm also calling my sister in New York who is this amazing mother and I'm so glad I've gained her as a sister. I adore her, her husband, and lovely daughters.

Other than that I'm preparing my body for it's passing by getting a pedicure after work with my bosses daughter Carin. I'm kidnapping her from her little girls and taking a walk with her. It's supposed to rain today?? so maybe we'll drive. Tonight Eric and I are going to dinner and a movie with some friends and then heading home. I will just bask in all that today is and enjoy every moment in it. I'm a little cheesy what can I say, you don't always get me this cheesy.

I'm so grateful for all I have. I have quality problems and it wasn't too long ago (ok about 11 years ago) that my life was miserable and now it is amazing! I've also been major surgery free for more than a year now. Sure the health problems still exist as they always will but I am doing sooooo much better and feel soooo much healthier. Come to think of it my health is what began me on the Year To Live journey and for something bad to turn into something good is great! See little miracles...

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