Monday, April 6, 2009

Six Days

Well, I'm down to my final six days. Today should be interesting with what is going on with my bosses family and well for the fact that I work out of her home. I'm going in early with the hopes of leaving early because it's Spring Break for Kaila and I would love to spend as much time with her as I can.

Yesterday, my day didn't go as planned but I was able to give my mother her letter and a good friend her letter. My mother got a bit emotional but it was nice. My friend I asked her to read it after we met. It was hard to write those letters and mostly I just asked for them to not let Kaila forget how much I love her.

I feel a bit more free knowing there are people who would be there for her in the event I really did pass away. Don't get me wrong, I'm in no rush to not be here with my daughter but it's good to know I can rely on some to be there for her.

I think we can go bike riding / jogging tonight. That will give Kaila and I some alone time or maybe I can convince Eric to join us. That would be really nice. If not, a family movie night. Kaila is having testing done today so she may not be up to riding her bike but you never know. Heck maybe we'll go to the Secret Beach today. I don't know but all I know is tonight it will be about family...
Taken yesterday as Kaila and I played at the park. So much fun!

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Miss Bliss said...

Awesome! Be in love with it all.