Thursday, April 9, 2009

Three Days...

Down to the final three days of this life.

Yesterday we attended the funeral of my bosses mother. Ruth Netter was an amazing woman and the stories told about her were so nice to hear. She always wanted to know how others were doing before she talked about herself. That's cool and something we should all do. I know there are and were times where out of nervousness or selfishness that I would just start talking about me and well, lately it's been nice to see how others are doing. I've been doing that for some time now but it was nice to be reminded of it.

Passover was a good time and Kaila for the first time got really involved in the Seder. She read and really was proud of herself. By the end of the evening while everyone discussed LOST which I could really care less about Kaila and I chilled on the couch, made funny faces, and took lots of pictures of ourselves. I personally think we were having more fun!!

I'm working today and have a midterm in my ballet class. I will then be doing something for me tonight. Probably just relaxing at home. Eric and Kaila are going to Magic Mountain which I hate and though I'd love to be with them that is one amusement park they can do alone. Now I'm thinking maybe I should have gone, that was one of my fears. Na, that is a fear I can get over next year. There's always room to grow.

I think the final two days are going to be a bit harder. I'm giving another letter tomorrow and we are both easy to cry so I will not have her read it while her and her husband aren't with us. I really can't believe the final two days are here. I've gotten so much out of this practice even when not doing it 100% because I did it for me. To change me a bit for the better and feel good about the life I have and I can see where I've done that.

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