Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Four Days...

I can't believe the "D" day is four days away.

I decided to ditch independent study yesterday to spend the day with my daughter who is on Spring Break right now. We went and had lunch with my brother and mother and it was nice. We even took a sight seeing tour of Mulhulland Drive like tourists when we drive through it a lot to get back to the westside after visiting friends and family in the valley. I did however make it to my ballet class which I love. It's funny, I see now when people find a passion they just jump right into it. I love my class, I love being challenged, and I'm willing to buy nothing to continue private lessons every other week. I really feel good a bit more about myself. I find it personally rewarding.

We had two funerals at sea funeral for Herbie and we added Josh to our pet cemetery down stairs with my mothers rabbit and our other hamster we used to have Little Little Cutie.

Today is the funeral for my bosses mother. Since my husband grew up with my bosses family we and my in laws will be attending. Today my goal after a bit of work is be there for my boss and try to have compassion where I would normally start getting frustrated and understand she may not be there mentally today. I'm noticing a lot lately that reacting first isn't a good thing because you do never know what people are going through.

Our day will end with my last Passover with Eric's family. I got a taste of the soup for tonight last night and let me tell you, the soup will be yummy!! It will be nice to spend some time with Eric's family. I'm debating on providing a good-bye letter to my in laws. I think I will just mention to them that I have appreciated them and all they've done and well, if you know me that is a large step there lol. Seriously though, they have done a lot for us and my mother in law checks in with me about school and how I'm doing. I think we've all grown.

Enough out of me more tomorrow. I can't believe tomorrow will be the final three day count down.

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Miss Bliss said... have had such an amazing year. You have reached new realizations and deeper self awareness and greater clarity in your life. What a gift.