Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 was a success. The Turducken was amazing and the deep fried turkey well, it was deep fried....The highlight food wise was this snicker/apple creation from Curts mother made and the baked cheese grits Lora made. Oh my they were amazing and I didn't think I could love grits. Amazing I tell you.

I really enjoyed spending Thanksgiving morning preparing the Turducken and making green bean casserole while listening to the Twilight Zone marathon and watching it from time to time. I also was able to see a friend who moved to the San Diego area. It was nice to see her and we even got to chat some while she was in traffic on her way up to the valley.

I'm so grateful for the life I have today. Though the past three days I've had a migraine off and on and my throat hurts I'm still in pretty good spirits. My family is amazing and I'm so glad that I am present in their lives. My health is getting better and though my appetite is gone again (really forcing myself to eat at times) I have to remember to take care of myself. I have to remember that I need to make sure I get enough nutrients because otherwise I'm no good to anyone I care about if I get weak and start not to feel good. I have to remember that I do get low on protein, b-12, and iron and that vitamins are a must for me. I have to remember I can never be too busy or my health will suffer.

This year has been a lot of growth for me. I've made some great decisions in my life and have learned a bit more how important those around me really are.

I'm glad that yesterday went so well and that we had a great time. We had 4 families together; the Beattys, the Kastans, the Obers, and the Widhalms. We had a great time and you know we just sat around and talked and that was so relaxing. To get to know more about those you don't see too often is nice.

Here are the Kastans at Thanksgiving dinner and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as well....

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